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Djerba Insolite teamed up with the artist Skander Tej to produce impactful murals that raise awareness about climate change and the environment.

This collaboration was undertaken as part of the Enviro-bike project, which received funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the GISR MENA Youth for Climate Action Activity.


1The craftman

The artwork depicts a craftsman from the island of Djerba weaving a basket from palm leaves, also known as palm fronds. The basket is considered an eco-friendly product that is non-harmful to the environment, unlike plastic bags.

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2 Youth, heritage and biodiversity

The artwork shows a young woman who represents both authenticity and civilization as an active member of society. It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve the environment, natural wealth, and heritage of Djerba.

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This artwork highlights one of the effects of climate change, which is rainfall shortage and drought. A woman sits in a traditional Djerbien Malhafa garment with a clay jar beside her to collect water.

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4Water scarcity and living beings

She gazes into the horizon, perplexed by the absence of rainfall, but finds hope in the presence of the Shrike bird (Boubchir).

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This artwork symbolizes the strong connection between Djerbien women and the olive tree, as women have played a pivotal role in planting and caring for olive trees throughout the years.

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6The threatened sea turtles

This artwork depicts a sea turtle and symbolizes the importance of responsible behavior toward this endangered species.

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our artist

Skander Tej

Tunisian street and visual artist

Skander Tej, a Tunisian street and visual artist, has graduated from the Higher Institute of Design Sciences and Technologies in Tunis.

Since his graduation, he has been dedicated to making impactful changes in every city and street, aiming to enhance their beauty and captivate the eyes of citizens and visitors.

Furthermore, he actively raises awareness about nature protection and environmental issues. Skander Tej's ambition extends beyond his homeland; he aspires to bring about positive transformations worldwide.